Monday, April 26, 2010

Handy Bags

Since I was talking about having bags for a variety of purposes, I thought I'd show the bags the kids and I "made" for taking to Awana and storing everything in during the week.

I found canvas bags at the dollar store and got the kids to "personalize" each bag with their own hand print in acrylic paint. Here is a picture of Elijah ironing his bag (with my vintage TOY iron) after being inspired by my ironing the bags.

Here's another picture of Desiree and Elijah modelling the bags before using them to hunt for Easter eggs in the backyard. (Note: they picked out the sweaters themselves because they thought the stripes on the sweaters looked liked the stripes on decorated Easter eggs.)

These bags are great for organizing the Cubbies and Sparks books, Desiree's Bible and Awana bucks. Elijah even uses his bag to bring along his stuffed elephant which he named Ernie elephant after the elephant in his Cubbies book (and I suppose after daddy too!).

~❀~ Chelsey ~❀~


  1. awwww. those are so cute. little hands. Love. Them.

  2. Thanks JoAnn! I thought about personalizing them too, but then I thought of something else... lol...

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Those bags are really cute! We were going to Awana every week and then got out of the habit, I think we need to start up again!

  4. Alexis, You should get in the habit again! Our Awana is over for the "summer" so we'll have to wait till September to start up again...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

  5. Those bags are so cute! How do your kiddos like AWANA? :)

  6. The kids think AWANA is great. The awards ceremony, prize store and derby car race happened at the end of April. Lots of fun (and learning about God's Word too!)...


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