Monday, May 31, 2010

Playing Demolition -- Thankfulness

I had a journal four years ago or so where I kept track of everything I was thankful for. I didn't number them though -- so I'm not sure how thankful I was numerically speaking.

I decided I would 'count my blessings' and keep track of my thankfulness:

1. A loving God who offers me small, unexpected blessings every day if only I would notice them.

2. My husband, daughter and son -- "our family".

3. Desiree(6) making a recipe from her Littlest Pet Shop book: "Berry Sweet Treat" -- yogurt, berries and cherries.

4. Granola which we added to the recipe for that "crunch".

5. Attending a kid birthday party with my kiddos.

6. Playing with them at the playplace -- crawling through tunnels, squishing through spots that adults shouldn't go and getting air off the slide.

7. Elijah(4) dressing himself consistently with his pants on backwards.

8. Juicy cherries with pits to chew on and spit out.

9. Dark chocolate. Chocolate because... it's chocolate and dark because the rumours are it's healthy and that sounds true to me.

10. Playing demolition with Elijah and a tower of blocks. He's such a character player/creator that he's never played demolition before!

~❀~ Chelsey ~❀~


  1. I love this. Chocolate sounds like it's healthy to me too...!
    Your kids are cracking me up.

  2. LOL! Consistently putting pants on backward! I have images of my own "backwards" kids running through my mind. That and consistently putting shoes on the wrong feet... Thank you for the chuckle!

  3. JoAnn, Glad I could return a laugh (well, my kids did anyways). Hugs to you too...

    Marnie, How could I forget about the shoes! He's consistent about that too... Perhaps the two go together? lol... Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Demolition is such a joy!

    Delightful to meet you and share in your thankfulness today. Simply beautiful, simply today.

    Hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you as I just began today as well.

    New to the gratitude community,

  5. Welcome Sara, thanks for stopping by and splashing around!

  6. Cherries and chocolate...mmm...yummy! I like them together too. :)

  7. Thanks Kim :)

    Julie -- together!!! That sounds wonderful... I wish I had some right now!


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