Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wishing for Cake -- Wordless Wednesday

-at our school's fall fair

My kiddos were so expectant and hopeful before the start of the cake walk.  Unfortunately we did not win the cake and a valuable lesson about gambling was learned.  We went on to play other games with guaranteed prizes.  lol...
  ~❀~ Chelsey ~❀~


  1. That's funny :). Sorry you didn't win!

  2. Aww... poor kiddos! At a work party a year or so ago there was a prize draw. Munchie picked out the one she wanted and just completely assumed that meant she WOULD win it. I tried to tell her that there were a LOT of tickets in there... but then she won so no lesson was learned!

  3. Lyndsay, how funny that Munchie was so sure that she'd win and then she did! I guess she'll be shocked next time...

  4. Chelsea, I thought your comment at JoAnn's was hi-larious. That's gonna be one crowded bunk bed lol

  5. As a mama, don't you hate it when my kids have to learn things the hard way? But that's life.

  6. Thanks Jodi!

    Kim, I felt badly for them, but at the same time I like those teachable moments...


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