Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Daylight Savings Mind Games

Do you know those people who show up an hour late or an hour early because they forgot all about Daylight Savings?  I did not want to be one of those people.

No -- I am a whole different kind of person....

I heard when Daylight Savings was (from a reliable source I'm sure) and carefully marked it on my calendar so as not to forget.  Then on the designated day, I reset all the clocks in the house and went on with life as normal -- pleased with myself that I had not forgotten.

If it weren't for the freak rain storm that prevented us from walking to church I would have figured it out on Sunday...    

Monday was a day off of school so I didn't realized that it was NOT Daylight Savings weekend until I went to watch "Chuck" at 8:00 Monday night only to discover it was not on tv.  And according to the tv listings -- the current time was a full hour later than I thought it was.  How was that possible???  

Had I really lived two whole days an hour behind everyone else?!?!?

I ran around the house crazily changing all the clocks one hour ahead to compensate for the hour I'd fallen back without public consent.

FYI:  Daylight Savings (for those who participate) is November 7th.  Of course I may be wrong.  If so, please let me know...

~❀~ Chelsey ~❀~


  1. wow! You were in your own little world!

  2. Just say you were ahead of the game. There is a clock down the street from us in front of an insurance company and it is set back already and is messing us up everytime we drive by.

  3. Yes -- totally in my own little world... lol... The thought crossed my mind that I should leave the clocks like that all week, but I vetoed that idea pretty quickly.

    Pam, That insurance company must have heard the same rumour I did (or they started it!!!).

  4. That's funny! :) sounds like something I would do. Thankfully az does not do daylight savings. One less thing for me to forget about! Hooray :).

  5. I'm in the UK and our clocks went back last weekend (31 Oct). Maybe you heard right, but just got the wrong country!

  6. Cheryl, Thanks!!! -- now I know I'm not completely crazy! How weird that it's different throughout the world!

    Julie, you should start Daylight Savings in Arizona! I do like getting an extra hour to sleep in the fall... (but hate losing an hour in the spring!) Ah well...

  7. lol, everyone is so jubilant about that extra hour of sleep. meanwhile, i'm still ticked about that hour we lost back in spring! ;) and those with little ones know none of this means anything! they have their own clock, and they keep right on schedule -- usually up at the crack o' dawn! :)

  8. Ana, that's exactly what happened to me... I thought I was going to get an extra hour of sleep, but the kids woke up bright and early and made me wish I'd gone to sleep an hour earlier the night before!!!

  9. HaHaHa....Great story.....made me laugh...thanks for sharing....


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