Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daylight Savings, Old Nemesis of Mine

Daylight Savings, old nemesis of mine,

You thought you could steal an hour from me...

Ha!  With the help of handfuls of chocolate covered almonds and the consequential bout of insomnia, I stayed up till the wee hours of the night and kept careful watch so that you could not steal my precious hour from me.

I devoted the hours I gained through not sleeping to: serious coughing fits; surfing the internet; looking for lost items in the house; reading and declining to read; eating cheese to appease my growling stomach and contemplating the meaning of friendship.

Sure, I may have to crawl in to bed tonight at 9:00pm (daylight savings time) to compensate for this night of "productivity", but it's worth it knowing that I foiled your evil plan.




  1. I hate daylight savings time. It gives me indigestion and makes my children cranky. booo.

  2. Me three. Since I'm agreeing with the both of you. Chelsea, you're so crafty.

  3. JoAnn -- I agree with you on the cranky kids...

    Jodi, do you mean evil or 'arts and crafty'? I'd prefer the latter if I have the choice.

  4. Move to az! We don't do daylight savings :). We don't change clocks. We don't have an excuse for our cranky children.

  5. Julie, moving to Arizona is tempting -- I wouldn't mind being warm right now!

    You can totally use daylight savings as an excuse for cranky kids -- they're probably feeling left out. lol...

  6. I have such a tough time with the change.

  7. JDaniel4's Mom, I still haven't recovered!

  8. You're too funny ;)
    just the same thing happened to me last night. i'm coming out of a cold, and just when you need the most sleep - boom - i cannot fall asleep. this happens all the time when i'm sick i guess it's from all the congestion and then my mind goes crazy with ideas and such.
    good thing you got a few things crossed off the list ;\0

  9. Ella, that's the worst when you really need extra sleep and you end up getting less! I hope you're feeling better soon...


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