Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blissful Encounters with a Watermelon Beetle

I love bugs (in the wild that is) -- especially unique and unusual bugs.  I am the type of mom who encourages her kids to stop and smell the flowers and while we're at it -- to stop and notice bugs.

But, at summer camp in BC, Canada (I think it was 1994), I had a bug encounter that nearly turned me off of bugs forever.  All of us counselors were hanging out the night before the kids arrived, relaxing and enjoying the cool summer air when I noticed a massive beetle type bug with a back patterned like a watermelon.  

I picked the bug up and showed it to the other counselors.  No one had ever seen a bug like it before.

And then, after sufficient ooohing and awwwing, I was ready to set the bug free...

But the bug would not leave my hand.  I wiggled my hand ever so slightly in that "Go on now" gesture that all bugs are supposed to know and understand, but still it would not leave my hand.

We'd become good friends, watermelon beetle and I.  Clearly he was not ready to move on.  As I attempted to gently pick the bug up off my hand, he stabbed his feet into my hand.  Stabbed!  

"AAAAAAHHHH" I screamed in agony. 

I could not remove the bug from my hand.  A friend grabbed hold of the bug to take a try, but still the bug would not let go of his death grip on my hand and instead stabbed his razor like feet further into my hand.  

I spent the next half hour laughing hysterically and crying and screaming randomly as my friend tried everything to remove this bug's death grip on my hand. 

My friend would pry with a stick like a lever and the bug would stab me with his feet.  They took turns alternating back and forth.  Finally my friend and the stick launched the bug to who-knows-where and I was freed.

I had an awesome picture of me holding the bug with a huge smile on my face (pre-torture), but I can't find it...  The picture proves that ignorance is bliss, but only momentarily blissful...  

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~❀~ Chelsey ~❀~


  1. You are brave, let me tell you - because I can assure if you, if I saw a bug like that (or any bug for that matter) I wouldn't knowingly come within a 10-mile radius of it! haha! It's a running joke in our home about how I react to reaction somewhat resembles and Indian Rain Dance while I whoop and holler and jump all around flailing my arms wildly. Any bug - from a bee to a spider or a june bug gets this kind of show from me. The only bug I can deal with rationally is a fly - and my rational dealings usually resemble a rolled up newspaper and a loud "whack".

  2. I'd love to see you in action doing your rain dance! lol...

  3. Yikes!! I think I would have dismembered his feet that he was digging in to me!! LOL would definitely do me in for bugs. :)

  4. YIKES! Thanks for the warning. If I ever see a bug like that I will NOT pick him up!

    By the way, I noticed my button on your sidebar. Thanks!!

  5. Gale, good idea! I won't be picking him up again either! PS: You're welcome!

    Cheryl, But I didn't want to kill him... It's true -- the thought of dismembering him never even crossed my mind... lol...

  6. You're a great storyteller. :)

    I have a hilarious one...not sure if I ever told you it. lol

  7. Thanks Kim!

    PS: Now I'm super curious...

  8. this is so cool i have never saw a bug like this:) i would love to see something like this and show it to my kids and share it with them, i love picking up different bugs, flowers etc in nature:) you are so brave to pick it up:)

  9. I like your Bug story. I'm not as brave as you are when it comes to bugs. I've also never seen a bug before that really does look like a watermelon - thanks for the info.

  10. OMG you are brave! My first encounter with this prehistoric creature was a couple weeks back up in Northern Idaho. After my Fiance noticed it, and after I freaked out, he took a picture of it and I posted it to Facebook. Much to my chagrin, most of my followers were just as terrified as I was!
    However, there were the few that called me a whimp! Fine by me!

    One flew at my porch light tonight and I seriously almost had a heart attack! I ran inside like a total baby and now I'm stuck inside for the remainder of the evening :-) HATE those things!

    1. I hope you won't be inside indefinitely! I suspect the beetle will keep to himself as long as you don't try to hold him!


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