Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bending Rules and Breaking Hearts

Desiree picked a daisy for me.  I smiled largely, thanked her and carried it around while we looked at lemurs and jaguars and wallabies at the zoo.

At the squirrel monkey cage I was overcome with a temptation to hand over the daisy.  The tiny palm of a squirrel monkey grasped the daisy and then he bounded off with it.  Within moments the squirrel monkeys were fighting over the daisy and eating it.

Suddenly I realized that I had broken the rule written clearly on the cage: "Do not feed the animals".  In my defense I hadn't known I was feeding them.  I didn't realize they would eat a daisy...  As the squirrel monkeys plucked the petals of the daisy out one by one in a "loves me, loves me not" way, I turned and saw the tears on my daughter's face.

I also didn't realize that I would hurt her feelings by re-gifting the daisy she had given me.

I cherish the flowers my kids give me, but I have to admit -- it's the love in their eyes as they give the flower to me that matters more to me than the flower itself.  Yet, it was hurt I saw in her eyes now...

I hugged my daughter and told her I had made a mistake -- I shouldn't have given her gift away like that.  I dried her tears and asked her forgiveness.

Desiree and Daddy went off to get me another daisy while I explained to my son how I had not meant to "break the law of the zoo" and feed the squirrel monkeys or hurt his sister's feelings.

And then, in an act of true forgiveness, Desiree presented the daisy to me again.  This time I kept it -- cherishing the gift of love and the gift of a second chance...

~❀~ Chelsey ~❀~


  1. You're a good mommy, you rule-breaker, you

  2. oh, this makes me tear up... what a treasure of a daughter you have. what a beautiful mama you are.

  3. I would have tried to give the flower to the monkey too, monkeys are distracting like that. They make you lose your mind!
    The thing I LOVE about children is their gift giving, forgiving ways. What a sweet girl!!!!

  4. Thanks...

    Yes, she is such a treasure...

    JoAnn, you're right -- monkeys are so distracting.

  5. I have so done something like that before! What a great chance to teach your daughter about repentance and forgiveness. That is what you were going for right? ;)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have enjoyed reading over yours! It has been a welcomed distraction from the cleaning and work I should be doing!! :)

  6. Kara, thanks for stopping by! You're right -- I think that modelling repentance is a great way to teach it to our kids.

    Everything is a welcomed distraction from cleaning! lol...

  7. This is such a sweet post. You sound like a wonderful mommy! :)

  8. Aww sweet story. My 3 year old always makes me artwork, and obviously I would love to keep each one, but then my house would look like horders..Anyway, I found a crumped up piece back up on the fridge :) Ha

  9. Lina, That is too cute...

    I know what you mean about having so much art work. I try to keep the best and let the "drafts" and colouring pages go...

  10. Chelsey that was a very sweet post and your daughter is sweet as sugar!

  11. This is such a sweet post. I think you dealt with it all so well. Great learning experiences all around!

  12. She's such a sensitive, sweet girl. My boys love to give me dandelions and they always look so bummed when they see them wilted a few hours later, like I didn't care for their gift adequately. Now I put them in a cup of water so they know I tried! lol

    Kim U.


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