Saturday, April 2, 2016

Turning Double Digits -- Thankfulness

Thankfulness -- Spring Break edition

50. Opportunities for Creative Expression -- Desiree and Elijah took an art class where they each got to paint a picture of our cat, Socks and make a clay sculpture of her too!  

The kids had fun and were very pleased with their results!

51. Turning Double Digits -- Elijah has hit the big 1-0 and is now in the double digits!  We celebrated as a family on his official day, but his party with friends is still to come.  This year's theme is Big Hero 6 (and that's Hiro on Elijah's hand).

52. Scootering in a Torrential Downpour -- Elijah got a scooter for his birthday and because it's no fun to scooter alone SURPRISE -- Desiree got one too!  To make things even more fun, Ernie and I spent our future birthday money and got scooters for ourselves too. 

On our second scootering trip a man walked past us and said 

"The family that scooters together..."  :)

~❀~ Chelsey ~❀~


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