Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Listening to Echoes -- Thankfulness

One Thousand Gifts Continued...

18. Elijah's excitement at seeing a moving train up close! He kept saying "I always wanted to see a train for my birthday!" (which was in March lol)

19. A Wii Fit workout -- the only kind I do... (and haven't done in such a long time prior to this workout).

20. Watching Desiree on her hands and knees hollering down a storm drain and listening to the echoes.

21. All the amazing animals that God has made! -- like capybaras which are the largest rodents in the world.

22. Going to the zoo for a Family Fun Day and taking the train while we were there:

23. Desiree and Elijah collecting wood bugs / potato bugs / tank bugs to bring to school in a jar with holes in the lid that Daddy banged for them.

24. Reading a book about a family living during the Depression Era ("The Booky Trilogy") and remembering to count my blessings because finances could always be worse...

25. Our first visit to the outdoor splash park this year. The kids had a blast sending Desiree's crocs floating down the little creek and chasing after them.

26. Pre-teen boys who are kind enough to share a few of their water balloons with my little on-lookers.

~❀~ Chelsey ~❀~


  1. oh so fun. I love the train story, sounds like my little guy.
    Sweet list!

  2. I love train rides! Cute pics of your family :). Glad you all had fun.

  3. JoAnn and Julie, trains are so fun, huh?

    If you click on that first picture you can tell the train is moving super fast!

    Going on a real train is on our list of future things to do!

  4. Elijah's train comment is adorable!

    Seriously...Charlotte Mason. lol

    Those books sound great! I'll have to add them to my ever growing list...

    We have a splash park about 20 minutes away. I want to take the boys there this summer. :)

    I love your lists.

  5. Kim, "The Booky Trilogy" is technically aimed at pre-teens. It's a nice easy read and I did enjoy it though!

    I looked up CM and I especially like the "living book"/story book way of learning and the focus on nature! Learning should be fun!

    I think our splash park is the best (hint hint) lol...

    You'll have to start up a list of your own!

  6. Yes, those two things are especially what reminded me of you. :)

    Getting the hint! I hope we can do that sometime before summer. We'll see! $ :)

  7. I LOVED the Booky books... they are some of the few books that survived the trip from my parent's house to mine.


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