Monday, July 26, 2010

A Summer Full of Books!

If you haven't done this already, take your kids to the public library and see if they have a summer reading program!

Our library has a great program (which includes prizes for those randomly drawn) -- and Elijah won! He got a bouncy ball that lights up and makes noises as well as a book of "his" choice.

My influence was strong because there was an adorable book about a guinea pig who loves to eat dandelions. We love dandelions -- it's in the blog title after all... Thankfully Elijah still believes that Mama knows best (at least he does most of the time). We received this beautifully illustrated book that tells how to increase the population of dandelions -- you sow them!!!

So -- go to your public library and see if they have a summer reading program and while you're there check and see if they have this adorable book!

~❀~ Chelsey ~❀~


  1. Thanks for the Follow...Followed you back! Glad to have a fellow Jesus Lover with me!

  2. I'm so glad that you reminded me about summer reading! I FORGET about such treasures.
    That book looks awesome, thanks for the heads up!!

  3. Hi Melanie! Thanks for following!

    JoAnn, you'll have to let me know if you find it! (or any other great treasures!)

  4. Hello there, nice to meet you! Our kids just finished up a reading program-such great incentive to keep them reading through the summer!
    Taylor (Lumberjack's Wife)

  5. Nice to meet you too Taylor. You're right the reading programs are such great incentives! Ours even has an awards ceremony at the end of the summer.

  6. Hey Chelsey,

    I used to love the summer reading program growing up. So I brought all three kids last was crazy. Kids crying because they couldn't keep the books, Andrew running all over the library...not quite the experience I remembered :). Maybe next summer they will all be old enough to understand and enjoy it. I hope!

  7. Julie, that does sound crazy! Do your kids go to the library year round? We've gone for story times throughout the year and borrowed books and dvds since the kids were babies so they're used to the idea of not keeping it all. (But they still do run around from time to time!)

    Definitely try again next summer!

  8. I LOVE love LOVE your new blog design! It's adorable! :)

    What a perfect book for your site. lol

    Do you guys have Borders, Barnes & Nobel, Half-Price Books or other bookstores up there? They all have summer reading programs going as well as the libraries. :)

  9. I can't wait until my child is old enough for reading programs at the library - we've done Babytime at our local library - but I use to volunteer at reading circles for kids at our locat library when I was younger, so it will be fun to bring my daughter to them once she is a little older :)

    And congrats on the book - it looks adorable.

  10. Kim, thanks for the blog compliments!

    We don't have those, but we have other book stores. I just didn't think to check into them! Thanks for the info!

    Mommycrat, you'll have so much fun at the library with your daughter when she's older! How neat that you volunteered at reading circles when you were younger -- what a great experience!

    Babytime sounds fun too! Libraries have such great (free) programs.

  11. Thanks for stopping by to check out my new header! Yours is nice too - it works perfectly with your title!

    Kate @ This Mom Loves

  12. Thanks Kate and thanks for stopping by too...

  13. Hi Chelsey,

    Thanks for stopping by! I love Jesus too !!

    I am following you now.

    My son is 2 and he is one energizer bunny.I have a hard time sitting him down to read .. i guess he will improve with age.

    Nice to meet you!


  14. Hi Esther, Thanks for stopping by and for following!

    My kids were really active at 2. They still are pretty active, but now they'll stop to read or draw from time to time!

    Your son will likely be more interested in reading as he gets older. Find books about things that he's super interested in ie: cars or bugs -- maybe that will help! I have a great visual image of you chasing him around with a book in your hand as you try to read to him! lol...


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