Monday, August 2, 2010

Spending Time with Oma -- Thankfulness

The continuation of thankfulness...

27. Desiree "reminding" us that it was the birthday of her stuffed cat, Meows. We went to an event at a farmer's market with face painting, hot dogs, corn on the cob and watermelon (all free!). We called this event Meows' "birthday party". Maybe your family doesn't celebrate the birthdays of stuffed animals, but we do and we have great fun doing it!

28. Desiree's reaction to finding rhubarb at the produce store: "Mom!!!! Come and see!!!! They have rhubarb!!!" She was ecstatic! We also grow it in our backyard, but mostly pencil sized. Desiree, Elijah and I made a rhubarb meringue when my parents were here for a one night stop over on their way home. My dad loves rhubarb, but his reaction was quite subdued compared with Desiree's.

29. Being given a baby butterfly to take home from school. The class had hatched butterflies and when it was time to let them go this one wouldn't fly away. I carefully carried it all the way home and protected it from the wind. We took pictures with it and then let it free on a snapdragon plant in our backyard -- never to be seen again...

30. Time with "the cousins" -- my cousin, her husband and their kids who came from Alberta to visit for a couple days. My kids have never met their first cousins so these third cousins are quite a big deal! They had water fights, played Wii and we all had a trip to the water park together.

31. Going to the school's Beach day -- it was dreary and windy, but good fun still. Elijah crying as if his heart were broken when he saw a dead crab with no legs... Elijah yelling excitedly when he saw a live crab in the wild for the first time (that's his expression in the collage). Me convincing the kids that it was okay to catch them!

32. The little girl in the center of this photo from Ernie's 36km run. We asked her dad to take a photo for us so we wouldn't have a person missing from the picture and she automatically ran into the picture. How cute is that? She figured if her dad was taking the picture she should be in it!

33. Ernie's mom, Oma, coming from Ontario for a long-awaited visit and to see Ernie's run. It had been two years since we'd seen her last so the kids (now 4 and 6) were super excited. While she was here she gave me a tutorial on my sewing machine, baked all sorts of goodies for us, learned how to play Wii, gardened with Ernie and went for a hike at the river with the family. We all miss her now that she's back in Ontario...

~❀~ Chelsey ~❀~


  1. A friend mentioned the goodness of rhubarb to me the other day. I guess I'm missing out on true deliciousness! :)

    I'm an elementary teacher (1st grade) turned stay-at-home-mom too :) Glad to join you on our 'thankful' journey!

  2. Sweet blessings Chelsey! Love the new layout of your blog. Love rhubarb too ;). Curious if your background, or your husband's is Dutch or German?

  3. Adrian, Rhubarb is on the sour side, but good when used in a pie! Some people combine it with strawberries too.

    How neat that you're a teacher turned stay at home mom too! I loved grade 1.

    JoAnn, Thanks!

    Julie, Thanks for the compliments on the blessings and the blog layout.

    My husband's background is supposedly Russian and/or Polish, but his parents speak low German. My husband's parents were both from a Mennonite community in Paraguay and immigrated to Canada nearly 40 years ago.

    What about your and your husband's background?

  4. Love this list. Sounds like you've had a super fun summer. :)

  5. Yay for Omas! We have only one left in my family.
    Thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog. :)

  6. Thanks Kim!

    Willowsprite, Omas are lovely, aren't they?


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