Saturday, January 22, 2011

Overcoming Cabin Fever (Sesame Street Style)

I always get a kick out of the Sesame Street versions of hit songs.  My kids think "C drives me crazy" is great and they've never even heard the original song...

Here's "Outdoors" with Jason Mraz.  I've heard the song before, but have to admit I don't know the artist -- I just love the catchy tune.  

This choice of words is great: 

"All day I've been inside -- I've got the feeling 
I'm trapped between the walls and underneath the ceiling".

I can't wait to go outdoors either, but here it's cold and dark and rainy.  I won't enjoy going outdoors fully till the weather warms up!  

If you can't bear to go outdoors yet, check out other great Sesame Street clips and songs at Sesame Street Videos.  

They have a bunch of my favourite characters: Ernie, the Tweedlebugs, Super Grover, Slimey the Worm and the Martians ("Yup yup yup"). 

Don't forget to share your favourite Sesame Street characters and sketches here! 

~❀~ Chelsey ~❀~


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I can't wait for spring too!

  2. oh I don't think I could live in that climate! I don't like to be trapped between walls and under ceiling! Summer here is hard enough, but at least we have the pool. Hope it clears up and warms up for you. Meanwhile, "C is for Cookie, it's good enough for me..." that was always my favorite.

  3. I love it.
    That is one episode of SS I would not want to miss ;)


  4. Discovering Me, Hopefully spring is just around the corner!

    Julie, I don't know how I can stand this climate either... "C is for Cookie" is great!

    Ella, thanks for stopping by! Glad you like the song...

  5. Thanks for leaving me a blogiversary comment!

    I'm with you...I won't be spending too much time outdoors until it's MUCH nicer. I'm more of a hibernator. But I do get a little stir crazy!


  6. Kate, Thanks for stopping by! I know what you mean about getting stir crazy... Welcome Spring!

  7. Chelsey! Thank you for such a great post! I'm always stuck inside with the kids! i'm going to show this video to my toddler! He'll love it!!! I love your content!



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