Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Silly Reindeers Celebrating Christmas -- Wordless Wednesday

Eljah, mid-craft, notices his hand looks like a reindeer.

Desiree, mid-meal, notices her fries and meatball make her look like a reindeer.

Christmas Eve -- opening pajamas. 

 Desiree and her new cd player.  She loves listening to Adventures in Odyssey or music at night.

Elijah is ecstatic about his Toy Story lego city and can't wait for Desiree to get the box opened for him.

The Gingerbread House pre-decorating and pre-gravity.

~❀~ Chelsey (and the kids) ~❀~


  1. I love it! "Pre decorating and pre gravity!"

  2. Thanks Lyndsay and JoAnn!

    JoAnn, We have post-decorating and post-gravity pics of the gingerbread house too. (It didn't last long!)

  3. Great pics! I love the one where his hand looks like a reindeer. So fun!

  4. I love the crafts that your kids worked on!

  5. I love all the creativity going on here. And pre-gravity- Too funny!
    Natural Parents Network!

  6. LOVE that first pic especially. And Elijah's ecstatic smile. so cute :).

  7. So much fun.
    I wouldn't have guessed your son was into Toy Story at all. The woody pj set did not give it away at all ;)
    Funny, my 3 year old girl is in love with Buzz ;)

  8. Thanks everyone! I actually got in trouble for taking that hand picture -- apparently Michaels has a strict no-picture taking policy! Ikea, on the other hand, (second photo) didn't seem to mind at all...

    Ella, My daughter was such a huge Buzz fan when she was around that age too! She has since transitioned to Jesse... (Elijah was super sweet and gave his Jesse lego character to her).

  9. Oooh, JoAnn already said what I was going to say. Gingerbread houses are always like that--pre-gravity. I think Martha Stewart uses super-glue.

  10. Jodi, That JoAnn taking your comment!

    I had read on a blog before Christmas that you could use a glue gun to hold a gingerbread house together, but my husband has a thing about not eating glue and wouldn't stand for it. Consequently, the house didn't stand either... (badoomboop)

  11. Thanks for the follow, returning the favour! I look forward to getting some time to browse your blog!

  12. lol Elijah is so smart! :)

    We bought our boys a cd player for Christmas, too, along with a set of Jonathan Park cds. :) When I was younger our radio station played Adventures in Odyssey at night and we'd listen to it before bed. Fun!

  13. Cute photos! You have a beautiful family.

    Thanks for the follow. I am following back. Have a great weekend.

    ~ Tiffany

  14. Happy Fun Follow Friday! I am a follower! I hope you will stop by my blog and follow back!

    Emma Michaels

  15. thanks for stopping by, i am following back!:)

  16. Thanks to all and welcome!

    Kim, I haven't heard of Jonathan Parks... I'll have to check it out.


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