Saturday, February 19, 2011

Leave it to Grandma

My Grandma and I were talking on the phone the other day.  A story about my Grandpa as a kid reminded me of an episode from "Leave it to Beaver" so I thought I'd tell her about it.

Me:  "That story reminds me of "Leave it to Beaver"."

Grandma:  "That cute kid with the hair?"

Me:  "Uh, I guess so..."

Grandma:  "What's his first name?"

Me:  "Theodore."

Grandma:  "No, that's not it..."

Me:  "...  His brother's name is Wally ..."

Grandma:  "No, that's not it either..."

Me:  "Umm...."  (long pause)

Grandma: "He sings..."

Me:  "Oh...  ...  Wait -- do you mean Justin Bieber?!?!"

Grandma:  "Yeah, that's it -- Justin Bieber!"

Clearly the generation gap works in reverse too.

~❀~ Chelsey ~❀~


  1. I prefer the Beaver. call me old fashoned. hehe

  2. Can you believe Justin Bieber just cut his famous hair? Wonder what your grandma things of that! =>

  3. Jodi, Call me old fashioned too, but I'm with you -- I thought for sure my Grandma would be too!

    Stacia, I know! Now how will we be able to identify him without his signature 'do?!?!

  4. Thats funny! New follower I would love it if you would check out my blog


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