Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Unto the Hills -- A Daily Devotional by Billy Graham

Unto the Hills is a daily devotional by well-respected preacher, Billy Graham.  Each day consists of a Bible verse, a devotion and a concluding prayer to help you read and reflect on the Bible.

The devotions deal with topics such as death, worry, suffering, salvation and peace.  Some of the devotions are encouraging while others are thought-provoking.

The January 12th devotion was one that I could relate to.  "Instead of turning to God as a first resource, we so often turn to Him as a last resort."  I feel like I do as much as I can on my own, but I don't want to trouble God with my problems until I've exhausted all attempts.  This day's devotion reminds us that instead of worrying about our problems, we need to take them to God.

The June 4th devotion states: "Suffering is endurable if we do not have to bear it alone; and the more compassionate the Presence, the less acute the pain."  What a great reminder that God is with us and will help us through whatever we face.

The October 16th devotion is one that I did not agree with.  It tells of a father who disciplined his children for disobeying him by having the children spank him.  In my opinion this would be a traumatizing experience for the children.

While there are references to people such as C.S. Lewis and Corrie Ten Boom, many people referred to in the book are unfamiliar to me.  Some people might not like references to people unknown to them, but I found that the wisdom of their words can still be relevant to my life.

The Bible verses are primarily from the King James Version and the prayers have a very reverent style.  Each prayer begins with "Our Father and our God" which can feel poetic to some, but to others, specifically younger crowds, it may feel too formal.  I have to admit that my prayers are more of the "Um, God..." style -- a mix of chatting and reverence.

I would recommend this devotional to people who like a formal way of addressing God.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book through Booksneeze.com in exchange for my honest review.

~❀~ Chelsey ~❀~


  1. thanks for the review! I am not a very formal person with God either. seems to get in the way of the conversation. ;)

  2. I agree Julie. If I have to choose my words carefully, my prayers might lose sincerity... The devotions themselves are not written as formally as the prayers though.


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