Friday, June 24, 2011

The Great Canadian Blog Bash 2011

Welcome to my blog!  I'm pleased to be participating in 
The Great Canadian Blog Bash!  

Elijah waiting for the Olympic Torch Feb 2010

Stompin' Tom Connors (of "The Hockey Song" fame) wrote this song "Name the Capital".  The video is like a cross-country road trip of cities across Canada from west to east (although the three territories in the north aren't mentioned).  Desiree got an excellent mark in Grade 2 Socials Studies because she used this song to learn all the capital cities.

The song was written in 1972, but one photograph in the video shows the start of game two of the 1992 World Series where the U.S. military honor guards displayed the Canadian flag upside down during the signing of the national anthems.  We're Canadian so we forgive them.

In 1999 the Northwest Territories became two separate territories -- the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.  It was news to me that there had been talk of re-naming the Northwest Territories and that the name "Bob" was at the top of the polls.  We Canadians are nothing, if not funny...


For those that are new to my blog...  I'm Chelsey 
-- an elementary teacher turned stay at home mom 
who loves all things childish.  
I love God and I'm proud to be a Canadian.  

Ernie and I have been married for nearly 14 years.  Ernie had a stroke 5 years ago that has left him permanently disabled due to cognitive symptoms so life for us is complicated and stressful much of the time.  When times are good we love spending time together as a family -- having fun and making memories... 

I enjoy learning and helping my kids learn in fun and creative ways.  
We are often reading, singing, biking, watching movies, climbing trees and making crafts together. 

Desiree (7) is a budding author -- she writes books and diary entries in bed at night when other children in our time zone are fast asleep. 

Elijah (5) is an actor in the making -- he has lately taken to wearing his Superman pajama top in public and making a curl in the middle of his forehead.  


Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!
And, of course, Happy Independence Day to my American friends too...

~❀~ Chelsey ~❀~


  1. Hey Chelsey,

    You have a beautiful family! It looks like we have a lot in common; we're both teachers, we each have a son and a daughter and we're both Canadian bloggers. Love that Stompin' Tom Connors song. Will file that for future reference.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the blog hop!

  2. Hey there!

    I am your newest follower - found you through the Great Canadian Blog Hop! I am enjoying your blog very much and looking forward to getting to know you better! Have a great weekend,


  3. Diana, We do have a lot in common...

    I added the territories on at the end of the Stompin' Tom song when we sang it. My son was 4 at the time and started yelling out "Saskatchewan" as the capital city of ones he didn't know or else "Fred-monton". lol...

    Jeanette, Thanks for stopping by! Happy GCBB to you too! I'm off to check out your blog!

  4. Hi Chelsey!

    Thanks so much for popping over to visit My Own Four Corners - the GFC follower button on a lot of blogs this morning seems to be here again, gone again.

    My husband and I moved from a tiny town in Ontario named Melbourne. It had about 300 people living there, but my biggest struggle was finding a surburban church family where I didn't feel lost or un-needed in the huge congregations. Finally after about three years we were blessed with finding a great church family here in our new home of Burlington!

    St. Catherines isn't far from us at all! It is also in a beautiful part of Ontario - the Niagara region is just gorgeous! :)


  5. hopping by from TGCBB! Thanks for stopping by my blog...this is a great party! So many talented and witty woman bloggy - I LOVE THAT! Cheers for us. New follower now.

  6. new follower gfc from Canadian bash. thanks for following me on twitter too. Mt. 6:33 Mrs. Shopper @

  7. great post, your kiddos are adorable! thanks for linking up, I'm your newest follower!

  8. Happy Canada Day, Chelsea! I hope you're having a wonderful summer.

  9. Too cute! I love kid's imaginations! Thanks so joining TGCBB! Have a happy and safe Canada Day!

  10. Thank-you so much for linking up to TGCBB! We are happy to have you!

    Your kids are gorgeous!

    Well, happy hopping!


  11. Also, following you via GFC!

    Talk soon,


  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting. I want to follow your blog but GFC seems to be down again!

    I'm envious of you. I'm also a teacher but unlike you, I'm back in the class. Would love to be home with my little girl.

    What a beautiful story you shared in this post. Sounds like there's a lot of love in your family.


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