Thursday, August 1, 2013

"His Kids" Online Radio Station

Check out His Kids for an online radio station that is good clean fun.

Kids and families can listen to Adventures in Odyssey, Paws and Tales or Jonathan Park audio stories as well as uplifting and encouraging music.  Some programs can even be listened to "on demand".

~ Chelsey


  1. We love this-- I have bought Katey and Jesse the Jonathan Park Cd's thats their very favorite--we have even ran down the battery in the car listening to them in the driveway-- boy was Mike upset with us.---lol he understood--now we have to drive around our town to listen

  2. My kids love Jonathan Park (and I do too!). We've learned such amazing animal facts and creation facts! How funny that you ran the battery down in the car!!! My kids have their own cd player and often listen to cds at bedtime -- that way we save on gas lol....


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